E’ The theme Youtube channel to be accessed to listen to the contents of Tango,,it,The rumors of Daniel and DJ Massimo Pedercini,,it, historical, multimedia documents, but also of the moments of milonga “live” in which they played the original vinyls Pura Milonga.

From disks “Hosted” in the collection of media are extracted contactos con mujeres cubanas “Oxygenated Tandas” suonate nelle milonghe che hanno ospitato soft “The Tango by vinyl”. Moreover also tracks “rare” for Amateurs and records not yet published digitally by record.

There are playlists, between these also “Documentales/Testimonios” which contains precisely documentaries, video clips, audio track, interviews about the history of Argentine Tango and it's protagonists.

Here is the link to the channel [button link=”” color=”silver” newwindow=”yes”] Youtube [/button]

Below the video demo presentation of "Pura Milonga" “"The Tango by Vinyl" music show.”

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Qui l’intervista trasmessa in radio leute kennenlernen jena La 2x4 Sun, 5 April 2015 in Loco por el Tango la trasmissione guidata dal “Legendary” Daniel “Tano” Pedercini . The rumors of Daniel and DJ Massimo Pedercini,it.


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Interview with Radio FM Cambalche 89.3 in Parana ( Entre Rios ) Argentina February 2019

Watch this video on YouTube.

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