Pura Milonga is a Music Show. Using only the vinyl record to switch milonga music in the evenings. Since 1998 at now.Dj Massimo develop & manage it. From 1998 at now, DJ Massimo develop passion for Argentinian Tango’s culture.

Come to hear the incomparable shades of tango vinyl, second only to live performances. All the discs were washed and restored, to enjoy the original sound quality.

El Tango en Vinilo

Yuxi The Last moment of Tango

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The Artists

Mike Angel


Michelle Leah

Backing Vocals

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We won Best Folk Album 2018!

Album II

We won Best Folk Album 2018!
Our album “Young Again” was featured in Vinyl King magazine.

Vinyl King

Our album “Young Again” was featured in Vinyl King magazine.