Come to Hamburg to visit the most historic milongas

Not happy of yours holidays? Before you say enough is enough, take a benfit, Come to Hamburg, the city “rebel” of Germany, to dance Tango by vinyl in ST. Pauli.

Take a Low cost or an last minute, you dance Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Tango by vinyl

2 Milongas with the incomparable vinyl records sound issued by DJ Massimo / Pura Milonga

Friday milonga, 9.9.16, from 21 Clock
Coffee-Milonga, Sunday, 11.9.16, 15 to 19 Clock

All plates are washed and restored to the special record-listening in the best HiFi to ensure sound for the most beautiful dance enjoyment. DJ Massimo selects its large collection the most danceable pieces for Milonga from.

We feuen forward to seeing you
Dorothee Rudel, Bertazzo Ivano, Kay Schmidt, Massimo Tessari
& La Yumba team

Author: DJ Massimo

DJ resident of La Veriega, the outdoor milonga in Buenos Aires. Uses only the vinyl to spend evenings with pure music MILONGA. While with BIEN PULENTA hi-res audio files are to guarantee the public the highest fidelity sound and a musical offering "Oxygenated" that guarantees the utmost danceability.

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