Dancing outdoor the Social Tango in Buenos Aires

The 2 January 2016 was inaugurated the summer outdoors in the

Gran Milonga Social “La Veraniega“.


It is a project of three people closely related to the tango, designed to offer a product similar to the great tango dances of the past, which they were held in clubs barrio, recalling the golden age of tango.

Canaro Maida 1936 Court mouth

For the "tourist" or Tanguero this is currently the only Tango milonga in Buenos Aires that once again it was the golden age.

Outdoor social Tango in Club of barrio, a unique opportunity (will close at the end of February) for the 2016 in order to know the genuine "Social Tango Argentino".


Organize the milonga Soledad Chaves ( professional dancer of tango and teacher ) together with Emiliano González ( tango teacher ) and Massimo Tessari ( from Italy, musicologist and collector of tango ) with its project Pura Milonga , pass tango music only with discs of vinyl collection in the best milongas in Europe.


When the night sky are stars, the milonga takes place in the open courtyard of the headquarters of the Club Ferro Carril Oeste , built in 1905 . Declared of cultural interest by the GCBA and located in the heart of Caballito.


The Veraniega is realized every Saturday, in the outdoor part of the clubs with a size of about 10 X 20 mt.

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In case of rain the evening will be held in the basketball stadium, It has a beautiful parquet floor with a capacity of 400 people.

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As usual her audience very numerous is especially varied, ranging from families with children coming to professional dancers, distinguished artists and milongueros of Fame.
All in friendship and good wave enjoy the fresh air of the nights portene, without the annoying background noise of powerful fans of icy winds of air conditioners and summer disturb in indoor.

Before the milonga at 20:30 there is the traditional “Class” Tango led by Soledad and Emiliano, and hosting a weekly “Master / a” as guest.

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The deadline for the class 22:30 begins the milonga. The music selection is exclusively with vinyl records, therefore in Hi Fi without playlist, feature unique in Buenos Aires.

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On opening night, rushed to "Ferro"nearly six hundred tangueros, ( 592 to be precise, ed. ), to tango where that hasn't happened by 50 years, much to generate an echo that traveled across the city to the point that the newspaper LA NACION dedicated a article.

Some video dell'inagurazione

Watch this video on YouTube.

Watch this video on YouTube.

“Ferro” It was inaugurated in 1904 by a group of 95 railway employees who sought a place to play football . The venue is part of the architectural heritage of the neighborhood , with its majestic English style building built in 1925 and with 4 gyms, 5 tennis courts, 3 swimming pool, an open courtyard , game room and bar restaurant.

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For those unfamiliar with the neighborhood of Caballito, its geography is full of history and memory of emblematic urban spaces , Suffice it to mention the old park designed by French landscape architect Carlos Thays , the Mercado del Progreso opened in 1899, the historic tramway and continues to offer great variety of entertainment.


The district "Caballito" owes its name to pulperia ( PUB ndt ) che don Nicolás Vila 1804 installed at the corner of the intersection of Rivadavia and Emilio Mitre, He had as a weather vane shaped like a horse. Like all neighborhoods West, progressed considerably with the arrival of the railway line "Mitre" that since 1857 through the neighborhood. The station was named after the famous Pub. At that time the area had luxurious "Quinte" ( Maison ndt ) along Rivadavia Avenue and was a place for the weekend. In 1928 Rivadavia Park is created.

caballito_02_1 caballito_01_0 caballito_03_0

Rivadavia Avenue and Caballito are part of the history of tango.
In its theaters played the orchestras of Osvaldo Fresedo, Julio De Caro, Carlos Di Sarli and many others.
Subsequently the tram ( still in operation at the weekend ) and then the subway ( Line A the 1° South America ), will contribute greatly to the development of this district, now one of the most residential areas of Buenos Aires, located in the geographical center of the city.


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