1° CIM Tango Championship, semifinals with vinyl records and 78 rpm



Tango Championship, Milonga and Vals created thinking of the tango track. CIM is a championship with different qualifying and the semifinals in the year. In December there is the final.
As in the past when the championships were held in the milongas, the vote will only be given by the public for all levels. The prizes are great, for a total of 42.000 pesos ( circa 4000 euro ) more money prizes from the sponsors.

The CIM has four categories:

1°- Milonga,

2° – Vals

3° – Tango 18 / 45 years

4° – Tango over 46 years

Having more than 18 years is the only restriction to register, there are no restrictions on nationality or profession.
There are specific rules regarding dancing style, will be free, everyone dances as he likes.
The only rule over the roundabout and the traffic on the track.

E’ organized by the following milongas:

El Escolazo (Tuesday, Fulgor Club of Villa Crespo)

Fresh fruit ( Wednesday, Club Villa Malcolm )

Soho Tango ( Thursday, Salon Canning )

The tile ( Friday, Salon El Pial )

Malena ( Sat, Club Sunderland )

Floreal ( Sun, Club Science and Labor )

Thursday 19 November in Soho at the Salon Tango Cannig, It was held the semifinal category TANGO 18/45 CIM.
euge 19 nov B
Evening with special music only with discs that accompanied even the test of CIM:
Pura Milonga with vinyl records ( Dj Massimo ) together with Juan Stefanides disking 78 rpm.











Soho Tango, a traditional milonga with live performances by musicians, band and dancers class. A place in Buenos Aires where the tango is alive. Every Thursday before the milonga there are lessons to tango and milonga held by a staff of professional teachers.
Soho Tango is located in the famous Salon Canning , absolute benchmark among the milongas of Buenos Aires , where from 50 years on his paviemento oak danced dancers from all over the world.
Thursday SOHO TANGO / Salon Canning .

IMG_3187 IMG_3248

IMG_3228 IMG_3229


Scalabrini Ortiz 1331. in Buenos Aires.

Information and reservations :
(+549) 1158207017 The (+549) 1136881388
Email soho_tango@hotmail.com

Courses Timetable :
19:30 beginners class 1 e 2 beginners .
21:00-22:30 pm . Intermediate and Advanced class .

MILONGA : 22:30-04:00 .
Salon Canning – Scalabrini Ortiz 1331 – Palermo , in Buenos Aires .