Released “Bien Pulenta” El Tango en Hi Res”

After a gestation period of 6 months is ready “Bien Pulenta” “El Tango en Hi Res“, the new product is focused to the Milongas and practices that don't need or can't handle the music show “Pura Milonga“.

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The similarities between the two proposals are the highest quality audio available for both technologies, the selection of tangos “Oxigenated” already tried and tested in in Buenos Aires made by Dj Massimo and in different Milongas of’Italy ed Europe:

  • The relaxing break of at least 5″ between a song that lets you dissolve the embrace and socialize.
  • A consistent volume level between the various tracks.
  • The certainty that all songs are faithful to the original engraving.

Why is born “Bien Pulenta”?.

The greatest difficulties he encounters the Organizer are the available space to House “Pura Milonga” and because the volume and the weight of vinyl and turntables his difficulty to moving. All this translates into a great deal especially on long distances.


Materiale e attrezzatura necessaria per Pura Milonga


So with “Bien Pulenta” reduces effort and clutter for all, Since it uses a laptop PC equipped with:

  • LINUX, the most stable operating system ever that avoids the dangerous crashes that do fall into silence the milonga.


  • The ALSA audio platform ( Advanced Linux Sound Architecture ).


  • The software MIXXX, professional sound cards Hi Fi and Tube finalizer.



Valve Amp Matisse


But most important thing are the audio files Hi-Res originating from the digitalization of the collection's Maximum Tessari tango vinyls” DJ Maximus is able to guarantee the public the highest fidelity sound and a musical proposal almost the sound level of “Pura Milonga“.


Audio quality

The library is enriched by tunes from discs of “pasta” a 78 rpm's of DJ Massimo and CD of contemporary modern artists who have not released on vinyl.

Disco 78 rpm13401081_10154258442974222_1651970492_n

At the moment the library counts 3300 songs for a total of 134 GB, or 66 MB per song. For those wishing to enquire more about how varied the sound quality depending on the format., I refer to my article “Audio quality in Milonga” or colleague Sergio Fabara.


Author: DJ Massimo

DJ resident of La Veriega, the outdoor milonga in Buenos Aires. Uses only the vinyl to spend evenings with pure music MILONGA. While with BIEN PULENTA hi-res audio files are to guarantee the public the highest fidelity sound and a musical offering "Oxygenated" that guarantees the utmost danceability.

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  1. Hello,

    I was trying to see if there was any Hi-Res Tango music available on the Internet and found your page.
    I would be grateful if you could advise how I can purchase a set?

    I have tried going to various pages where it asks me to complete details, but none of them have a submit button so I could send information.

    Thank you,

    Douglas Cutt

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