Documentary: History of Tango singers

History of singers in two parts by Volver Tango

First part of the documentary for Volver Tango in which we find:

– Carlos Gardel – Agustin Magaldi – Ignacio Corsini – Hugo Del Carril
– Alberto Gomez – Alberto Vila – Charlo – Roberto Diaz – Floreal Ruiz
– Principe Azul – Angel Vargas – Alberto Marino – Osvaldo Ribò
– Oscar Ferrari – Roberto Rufino

Second part of the documentary in which we find:
– Roberto Chanel- Jorge Duran – Raul Bèron – Carlos Dante – Julio Martel
– Alberto Castillo – Edmundo Rivero – Julio Sosa – Roberto Goyeneche
– Hector Maurè – Armando Laborde – Alberto Echague
– Alberto Moran – Argentino Ledesma – Alberto Podestà
– Raul Laviè – Luis Cardei

N.d.a.: To activate subtitles ( automatic ) in all languages ​​activate SUBTITLES in the gear, and on the word AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED SPANISH select AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION the list with all languages ​​will appear.

Author: Massimo Tessari

Massimo Tessari is a collector musicologist of Argentinian Tango. He knows the most hidden places of Buenos Aires, and here he procures the documentation e and the material of which is passionate. It is in contact with musicians, historians and collectors of the genre. He teaches musicianship and music history, the costume, harmony and rhythm more and more frequented by those approaching the Argentine Tango consciously. He is co-organizer of the milonga La Veraniega, the outdoor milonga in Buenos Aires. In projects Pura Milonga / Bien Pulenta brings his research and knowledge of Porteña culture,it.

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