Mp3 recordings VS 78 Rpm disk

Back from a few nights of milonga in this summer 2018, in the guise of paying public; After some friendly chats with friends, Colleagues, experts on the selection of songs that is too often dished up during the evenings, I return to the subject.

I leave aside the issue relating to volume adjustment, calibration of the mixer and the balance in the system and its sound check, all things that should always be performed before starting the evening, but in reality they are rarely made; since it is of relevance organizer check the work of the staff in its service.

I'll be back on the subject “what we hear” no philosophical ruminations in the previous article and without judging the choices as it tastes I am personal.

In this example we're going to see the difference between a song MP3 ( the most common format used by dj, although some uses FLAC a l’OGG, l’AAC or even the’AIFF and not mention the video formats that unfortunately someone uses ) coming from a CD “Official” and a disc “original” ( First edition 1939 product 80 Years ago ).

In the video on the left and right on the CD 78 rpm, both tracks are digital or:

The Herd mp3 is 44Khz 320 Kbps from the original CD “meta Fierro”

The Herd 78 rpm is Disk VICTOR 38 785-A digitized with a turntable AudioTechnica AT-LP120-USB a head Stanton 505 with thumbtack for 78 Always Stanton and a digital analog interface kakewalk Roland Audio interface that produces WAV files 16 bit 96Khz 3072 Kbps.

The player is business software MIXXX.

During playback :
1 – Synchronous Video Out / sound due to the latency of the PC, so be careful where you place the Croosfader that will move with delay with respect to the music.
2 – The mp3 song is slower or 138,3 bpm against 141,2 of the disk.
3 – The mp3 song presents the echo effects that the 78 He has not.
4 – The mp3 song although with less noise is less bright and less sound nuances.
5 – The mp3 song compared to 78 It is deficient in the low and medium frequencies.

For obvious technical reasons the exact sound perception of all the differences you feel listening to my stereo ( because of the compression of youtbe Internet ).
But even so still you can hear the difference, as long as you listen to the video through a “vero” Hi-Fi, PC speakers and headphones are not suitable due to their low power output and frequency response.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Everyone is master to do what you want, but how many people are always trying to migliorasi in the dance studio investing time and money, even proponents music should commit to doing its part and adapt to a quality standard.
The resources are there just to invest time and money precisely.
The few songs in excellent quality are just buying them from the Sellers-collectors who are in possession.
E’ correct and respectful give the public a sound worthy of the passion that drives him, but above all the duty of the user who PAY.