Tangofestival Carinthia 2018

2 ° Tangofestival Carinzia

Gives 17 years the “Kultur-forum-Amthof”, a non-profit cultural association, organises tango-workshop, Milongas and concerts in a beautiful setting of in the covered courtyard of”Amthof” of Feldkirchen.

This year's Tango Festival that also includes a second site, located directly on Lake Ossiach: the Music Academy of Carinthia.

The festival's goal is to offer extraordinary events in a unique environment by adding the ability to enjoy all kinds of leisure activities in the fields of sport or culture.

Excellent teachers and a fair number of participants will ensure that each couple will receive enough attention during class.

Up to you to choose: 12 teaching sessions (each lasting 1,5 ore), four Milongas and a concert, a tango-Lake cruise, a tango-Café and a tango movies.


Feldkirchen in Kärnten e la Amthof Feldkirchen

Feldkirchen, with an altitude of 550 mt above sea level, is the main town of a district with the same name in Carinthia. The small city has a population of about 14.000 inhabitants and is surrounded by meadows and forests that characterize the South-Eastern slopes of Nockberge. The rolling countryside is a haven for cyclists and walkers and idyllic lakes in the region offer a welcome opportunity to cool off on hot summer days.

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The Bamberg Amthof is a four-winged Castle style building with a courtyard with glass roof and arches. In 1166 the Palace was donated to the Diocese of Bamberg and over the centuries 13 and 14 the building has served as a venue.


Ossiach Carinthian Music Academy


The oldest Benedictine monastery, in Carinthia, “Kloster Ossiach”, was established in 1024 under the Bavarian noble Ozi I and his wife Glismond. After its dissolution in 1783 the building was used as a barracks. In 1946 was delivered to the Austrian Federal forest Office and later turned into a hotel. From 1969 ha servito come sede per gli eventi musicali del “Estate Carinziana” durante la stagione estiva. Una ristrutturazione eseguita tra il 2006/2009 con un ampliamento dell’edificio che è diventato un centro eventi di musica denominato “Carinthische Musikakademie Stift Ossiach”.

La Musica

Passion Orchestra
(Moscow, Russia)

Propone pezzi di tango tradizionali, but also modern compositions by Astor Piazzolla and golden age .

I DJ di Tango

DJ MASSIMO con BIEN PULENTA (in Buenos Aires & Venezia, Italy)

DJ GERARDO (Bad Hall, Austria)

DJ Günther Pichler (Graz, Austria)

DJ Klaus Spiegel (Augsburg, Austria)

DJ NICOLAS BERTUCCI (in Buenos Aires & Wien, Austria)

I Maestri

Martin Hernan La Bruna und Andrea Veronica BESTVATER
(in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Kuenstler_1Stile Tango Salon le loro lezioni sono in inglese.

Adrian e Amanda Costa
(La Rochelle, France,es) Kuenstler_2Tango Salon estilo Villa Urquiza, le loro lezioni sono in inglese.

Il programma

Thursday, 21 June 2018

19:00-20:00 Festivalbureau Amthof Feldkirchen

20:00 – 24:00 Apertura Milonga in Piazza del Feldkirchen (se piove – Amthof Feldkirchen) with DJ Nicolas

Friday, 22. June 2018

10:00-11:00 Festivalbureau CMA Ossiach

13:30-15:00 Workshop

16:30-19:00 Tangocrociera Lake Ossiach: DJ Rodolfo

21:00-03:00 Milonga tradicional a Stift Ossiach, Barocksaal with DJ Massimo Bien Pulenta

Sat 23. June 2018

10:00-11:00 Festivalbureau CMA Stift Ossiach

11:00 – 18:00 Workshops

14:00 – 18:00 Amthof - Paris
Tangocafe / DJ Günther Pichler

21:00-03:00 Milonga di Gala Amthof Feldkirchen, Innenhof

Passion Orchestra & DJ Klaus

Sun 19. June 2016

11:00-00:30 Workshop a Amthof Feldkirchen INFO

12:30 – open end Addio Milonga a Amthof Feldkirchen, Room with DJ Gerard


CMA Stift Ossiach, Workshop, Musikzimmer und Barocksaal

Contacts – Information

Organizzatore: kultur-forum-Amthof Feldkirchen in Kärnten

e-mail: festival@tangoargentino-fe.at


Telefono INFO:

Rudolf Goritschnig +43 650 34 12 998

Ursula Sick +43 664 252 71 72

Ufficio Turismo Feldkirchen


Tel. +43 4276 2176

E-Mail: tourismus@feldkirchen.at

Tourismusregion Ossiacher See


Stiftshotel Ossiach (direkt am Veranstaltungsort)

Tel. +43 4243 45594