Milonga Solidaria Jugar x Jugar

On Valentine's Day 2016 falls the February edition of the milonga solidaria Jugar x Jugar Buenos Aires.


The association Jugar X Jugar It aims to communicate and make known to the public social projects / solidarity to the public and to the associations participating in the milonga. And make sure that you get close to them in a manner they deem most appropriate.


On this occasion the project highlight is the association “A torch in the Selva“, located in the province of Misiones ( ARG ) project of Silvia Ines Astudillo and Alexandre M Wietholter. That in Villa Nueva about 3 km from the center of Andresito (yerbatera area of excellence), with the neighborhood children are developing a social activity families in the neighborhood ( which recently it has been growing and now live in the settlement of more than 3.000 people )

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In the district they are known by the name of Una antorcha en la selva ( A torch in the forest).


They are currently renovating a house to use it as a laboratory for local arts and crafts for kids, with the idea of ​​providing activities that lead away from the road, road, alcohol and violence, which unfortunately abounds in the barrio, decentralized and rural.

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Milonga Solidaria Jugar X Jugar


It has assets 34 consecutive monthly milongas, taking place on the second Sunday of every month, currently Alsina 1465 the headquarters of the National Association Italian, located at 5 blocks from Congress , that seats 260 people, wooden floor, conditioned air, private security, good buffet and the house.

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It is a traditional milonga relaxed and friendly, where dance professionals and amateurs, of all ages, unknown and established, local and foreign, all in line with his slogan, ALL ARE WELCOME!

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Alle 19:00 there is a class, usually tango and at 20:00 circa, milonga.


Around 22:30 / 23:30 There is an introduction which explains the results with photos from donations and then an artistic show.

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The sum of the willing and free contributions that the public gives to entering into milonga is donated to the subject of sponsors.

Everyone involved , organizers , collaborators, teachers , DJ , artists , they willingly ( without pay ).

Program / Information:

Milonga Jugar X Jugar: La Nacional: Alsina 1465 CABA ARG

19:00 – 20:30 Class with Soldedad Chaves & Javier Maldonado

20:30 – 02:00 Milonga con El tango en Vinilo di PURA MILONGA

23:00: Show of CANYENGUE by MOCCA