23 Oktober in SaTho Milonga

SaTho der freitag Milonga in Wien mit “The Tango by vinyl”


SaTho, founded in 2008 Sabine and Thomas, is a traditional Milonga with a welcoming atmosphere combined with an international aspect. The organization,it SaTho is also well known for Encuentros Milonguero “Noches de Invierno” , “Noches de Verano”.

The perfect Wien friday milonga, perfect to close the work week,


The milonga SaTho ha 120m² track with historic wooden floor, a right lighting, decorated with flowers, snacks available, wines, savory homemade buns and cakes.
We play traditional music that respects the principle of tandas with curtain.

Si trova in Robert Hamer Ling Lane,1150 Wien.

Easily accessible by public transport .(1 minute. since West Station)